Carnets d'observations en gestion de l'information portée par tout type de support.

Carlitos' Contraptions

Gadget design, robotics, hacks, DIY technology and more.

LeDucDuBleuet.info - Aider, Partager, Grandir et Vivre par le Logiciel Libre!

L'autonomisation collective en informatique par les Logiciels Libres !

Feeding the Cloud

Sharing technical tips and tricks, as well as things I figured out the hard way.

Divagation et vagabondage

Most recent posts at Divagation et vagabondage

Alexandre Bourget

geek joy


Jean-Pascal Houde's blog : webdev, plone, linux sysadmin

Because The Air Is Free -- Pablo Duboue's Blog

Pablo Duboue's blog, with postings ranging from purely technical to somewhat philosophical. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Inteligence, Debian, Free Software and the Hackerspace Movement, what is not to like? An Argentinian Language Technologist living in Quebec.

eventually consistent

technology, software development and entrepreneurship


d7One - renaudjoubert.com

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