Evan Prodromou

pI got in early yesterday after a redeye flight from Portland. I was at a href= Source Bridge/a and a href= last week, and had a great time talking to people about the things I care about: Open Source software and culture and the excitement around the Indie Web. After my long flight home, I hit the sack and slept half the day away, and spent the rest of the time playing with my deeply-missed kids. Which means I managed to completely forget it was July 2,'s birthday./p
pBack in 2008, I opened up to general registration on July 2. In the years since, we've had almost 900,000 people register on the system, almost 100M notices posted, and many major versions of the software. and StatusNet continue to grow and thrive, and I'm still happy and excited about our future./p
pI've learned a lot of things in these years; but most of all I've learned how great the Internet community can be when they believe in something as important as a free and distributed social web. My colleagues at StatusNet, our great community of users, Open Source contributors and third-party developers have done so much for the cause.nbsp;People have moved mountains to make Identica what it is today, and I'm continuously grateful./p
pI'm especially excited about the future of our project. StatusNet Inc is working hard on making it easier to deploy and use StatusNet for the federated social web./p
liSpam has always been a problem for people rolling out new StatusNet sites. We have a new social spam filter at a href=;that's currently in a free beta. It is a quot;herd immunityquot; system that uses data from and other StatusNet sites to flag spammy posts and users./li
liWe've got an upcoming global social web firehose service that will bring together public posts from the social web into one place for third-party developers./li
lia href= was our hackday project at IndieWebCamp. I hope it will develop into an easy system to painlessly migrate your social network from Facebook or Twitter to the federated social web./li
liWe're also working on full-text search systems for the federated social web./li
pSince our release of StatusNet 1.0 in September 2011, we've had thousands of downloads per day, and thousands of sites created on our hosting service. I'm also working on a href= new social engine/anbsp;which I think will complement the use of StatusNet on the web./p
pThere's also been great progress over the last year on the OStatus protocol suite. It's now being managed by a W3C community group, and hopefully will be able to handle private messages in the coming months./p
pThanks again to everyone who uses StatusNet and in the wide world. You make this happen, and you're the reason that is still going when so many other social networks have gone away./p