Release party in Toulouse


Integrated in our monthly KDE workshop tomorrow we'll celebrate the 4.2 release at the Centre Bellegarde by showing some Camp KDE videos and having an aperitif.
Have a look here for more information and feel free to join the fun!

2008 was a bit slow for me in contributing to KDE, family has been the priority. I realize I did not go to any KDE event.
2009 starts better as I am preparing to go to the Plasma meeting next week (my husband is taking 2 days off to look after Clarisse). My aim is the roadmap for the Picture Frame plasmoid and I thought about a new strategy: I will put together a detailed features plan for the plasmoid and some test code and contacts for each feature if possible then I'll issue all that as Junior Jobs, ranging from some very easy ones to more difficult. That should allow lots of new features for 4.3! (and also some pending wishes on And also that will get new contributors started hopefully. The important thing is to coordinate the work and to plan it well so everything is well integrated within Plasma. That's why the meeting is very important and I am pretty excited by the new coming opportunities!
So watch Planet KDE in the next days if you are interested in giving your advise or contributing!