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Open Data is Cool

Nik Garkusha

a Case Study for Municipal Open Data

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Template for a map-based web app

William Lachance

Finally got around doing something I’d meaning to for a while, which is create a simple template for a web-based mapping application based on jQuery and some of my earlier work on routez. I’m hoping this might be useful as a starter for a few open data applications!

Routez opensourced

William Lachance

Just a quick note to say that I just opensourced the software behind, nicknamed “Routez” under the Affero GPL. You can get the code on github.

Déchets Montréal goes mobile

William Lachance

A few weekends ago, there was a Montréal Ouvert hackfest at the Notman House. I decided to take a bit of a break from my usual transit hacking and built up a mobile friendly interface to the wonderful Déchets Montréal, which lets residents easily get information on their garbage collection schedule.

Gotchas: World Bank API

Maximum value for per_page parameter

The World Bank lets you to get data from its Data Catalog through an API. The API, by default, lists 50 results per page; given that many indicators have over 10,000 results, and given that you often want them all, you’ll want to adjust the per_page parameter.

The Ville de Montréal has machine-readable data

In addition to a KML file of work sites from Info-travaux, the city publishes its restaurant infractions in XML! Here is its undocumented API:

DéchetsMontré API

Kent Mewhort’s DéchetsMontré service has an undocumented API. Here it is:

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