Adding the Mercurial Revision to a Maven Project

Jean-François Im

In this world, nothing is certain but death, taxes and bug reports from users. While we may not be able to do much about the first two, to address the third one effectively more information is required. The most important information you can have is, of course, the version of the code they are running. However, if your users are running the latest bleeding edge version of the code, odds are that the version number that they will have is "1.0-SNAPSHOT".

Ubuntu in Haiti


If you’re in Haiti or know anyone near Grand-Goave please let me know, I am here for a week and I’ll be training a few teachers on a new lab we’re putting together thanks to a donation via Micro Recyc Coopération.

Sharing my beard with Pheromone


Réflexions suite à la discussion UX-MTL#9 : Les UX et les DEV viennent-ils de planètes différentes?


Comment relier le monde des UX et des DEV? Est-ce que ça passe par l’éducation, les méthodologies de travail, la compréhension des buts et des enjeux de chacun, autre chose?

M.C. Escher (Drawing Hands)

Voici mon grain de sel:

Ideas of March


pFour years ago when I started using a a href=""micro-blogging/a service, I revelled in the sheer simplicity and low barrier to communicating my thoughts. Blogging, in that era, seemed like a historical vestige on the verge of being consumed and overtaken by the rapid fire, real-time tweets of my peers. I jumped on that bandwagon, and never looked back.

Firedrill @Phéromone


Fire drills always come when we least expect them, and inevitably at the worst possible moment. So, of-course, while working hard on the final phase of a big project, today, BAM! …fire drill!
We decided to move to a nearby building, in order to continue our work. Here’s a photo:

Sortie de vestiaire à Toronto


Immersion dans le monde de la NHL, ce prototype combine la vidéo 360 et le capteur Xbox 360 Kinect.
Une application compilée depuis Flash CS5 qui ‘mape’ une vidéo 360 ( ) dans une sphère

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